Dream with us: Un sogno per la vita

supports children with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities

to help them get a better quality of life.

To give them a different future
we dream and develop Life Projects, from childhood to adulthood.


The non-profit organization “Un sogno per la vita” was born in Trieste in 2017 with the aim of giving a LIFE PROJECT to people with intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome or other less-known intellectual disabilities with genetic etiology.
A life project that focuses on the person with a disability and his family, to improve their quality of living through a subsidiary and relationship-based approach…
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The life project is born by putting the disabled person and his family at the center of planning. The objective is to create a continuous path, designed on the uniqueness of the person and its potential along the different stages of the life cycle from birth to adulthood


Identifying and strengthening early means improving and accelerating the atypical learning process and facilitating the achievement of the typical stages of development that it often takes a while to reach.


Arriving near adolescence, a gradual transition towards work on housing autonomy begins. This phase of the project favors small group work.


The educational path at this stage is integrated with professional training courses and whenever possible protected insertion into the job environment.

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It is based on the drafting of a precise development profile, on the basis of which to define objectives and techniques to facilitate and enhance learning.

Two sites are active for the individual rehabilitation of children in a developmental age, one in Trieste and one in Codroipo (UD), coordinated by the scientific team.


In the garden of Villa Tripcovich a laboratory for the active use of the garden. The tool with which children are involved in all aspects of design, cultivation and maintenance, each with its potential and abilities, helping them to become protagonists and autonomous.


A home available to kids, where they can learn to manage small and large daily autonomies to achieve a life as independent as possible.

A protected space where you can learn and experiment safely by reducing the failures that can hinder learning and development.

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