We were born with the desire to change the approach to intellectual disability, with the aim of creating an avant-garde reality such as that the Foundation “Più di un sogno” pursues in Verona and Veneto, wishing to be generative, starting from their inspiring principles and thereby being able to bring about a change within civil society regarding intellectual disability.

We made our own the inspiring principles and the planning of the Foundation “Più di un sogno ” with the aim and the desire to recreate in Friuli Venezia Giulia, starting from Trieste, the same reality adapted to the needs of our territory.

Assuming that all the founding members carry out their activities free of charge by providing their work exclusively on a voluntary basis, the

governance is composed as follows:

the undersigned


Paola Giovannini Pasti, originally from Veneto but for eighteen years in Trieste: now I consider myself from Trieste, mother of Alvise, a boy with down syndrome, inspired by the dream that became reality of the founding parents of the Foundation “Più di un sogno”.


My meeting starts from a search to find the best for my son and I confess that I was looking for something but I didn’t know exactly what, … actually because there was nothing new to discover … because what you really want for your son is a life that is trivially like many others, a life like everyone else, that life that when a child with intellectual disability is born you don’t think he will ever have … and above all that life that no one tells you will ever have.



From the decisive and dazzling meeting with Marco Ottocento, galvanic and brilliant soul, one of the founding stones of the Foundation “More than a dream”, also father of Sara, I understood that what I was looking for was no more than what all parents want for their child: a happy life, simply a life … a home with friends, a job.



Marco proposed me a normal life like that of all the other children … and it sounds a bit trivial… and it is by knowing their boys, from their smiles, from their happiness that arose my desire to replicate this in Trieste … assuming that if they had made it 300 km from here we would have made it too.


So Marco Ottocento agreed to be a founding partner in Trieste to give us the know-how, to be the guarantor and help us with his experience in planning and implementation.


Subsequently, Luisa Spiniella Ottocento, wife of the galvanic Marco, also joined the board.  She, who with her objective vision, her always constructive criticism, her realism, keeps Marco’s visionary impulses anchored to reality and mine as well. Now for me and us she is a great friend as well as an objective adviser.

In search of the best that the area could offer us, precisely with the intention of borrowing the best of everyone’s experiences beyond any parochialism, we could not fail to involve Sergio Silvestre in this adventure, who, when asked, agreed to become the third founding partner.


Sergio, a man who made volunteering his mission in life, also the father of a girl with down syndrome, was one of the founding members and creators of the Down Fvg Foundation who created in Pordenone the first Italian model of residential accommodation for Intellectual disabled children, avant-garde pilot project for those times in Italy: the “Casa al sole”.


For thirteen years president of the national Coordown, also having been for several years President of the Volunteer Service Center in FVG and having been part of the “National Observatory on Disability” he is a profound connoisseur of the volunteering groups of the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italy , as well as the regulations relating to the topic, to have it on board: an added value, a person of experience you can always count on.

Fabia Fontanot Marsi from Trieste, mother of Giovanni with down syndrome, mother but also professional educator. She has long experience in the municipality of Trieste in territorial social services …. met casually … but I wouldn’t say so casually, I would say more prophetically since she as well was searching as I was; from our meeting a profound friendship, an alliance, a communion of intent and vision on the future of our children resulted, to give a future plan to others too.


Struck like me by the life project of the “Più di un sogno” Foundation, she decided to get involved and start this adventure by making her humanity, experience and professional competence available.


Last, but not least, indeed a very great and fundamental asset, is Raffaella Baruelli Farina, a great friend, a sensitive, intelligent, hearted woman, a mother WITHOUT disabled children and who, learning of the project, embraced him with deep civic sense.


Realizing from our friendship how difficult it is to raise disabled children in our society, he decided to try to contribute to change it by joining us in the creation of this non-profit organization, his presence on the board of directors is also essential for her being without disabled children: in many discussions she gives us the other point of view, that objective vision that sometimes we parents of disabled children lose.


Thanks to her and her husband Luca Farina’s generosity, we have been offered the possibility of using an apartment inside “Villa Tripcovich” and it is in this fantastic and privileged setting that our children currently carry out their activities and therapies.


In these months of activity we have always found many people who generously helped us, how can we not mention the entrepreneur Marco Bono who learned of our plan and offered us immediately for the first year the guesthouse apartment of his company, thus allowing us to start the first therapies and the first activities of the boys.


This is our story so far, today 28 October 2019, the date in which we open up to the virtual world with the creation of this website.


From here on, you will read our history in our activities.


The thought that best sums up our existence and our future I leave it to the words borrowed from the site of the Foundation “More than a dream” and quoted below:


“The enthusiasm with which this journey began with adventure friends, therapists and all our children and young people is intoxicating and the difficulties, still today, do not scare us. It takes courage to follow your own path, also because too many people have many plans for us. The fact is that we are dreamers and as such we have our dream.

We do what we like, what we believe in with immense will.

We have embraced the vanguard and innovation of rehabilitation for intellectual disability, we have understood that opening new frontiers and betting on change is the least risky choice.

The wish is that the Project of life that we propose becomes a symphony of love, which continues eternally to tell the simply ordinary life of these extraordinary children of ours.