Let's stay close

In these weeks of coronavirus emergency, the association “Un sogno per la vita” had to suspend rehabilitation activities and workshops on independent living in order to safeguard everyone’s health.

The operators and the administration have made efforts to offer support to families and children during this period. In particular, it has been essential to support and guarantee, especially to older children, moments of socializing and exchange through single and group video calls. The operators offer ideas for doing small activities independently in the home context with the aim of sharing them later. Small gestures to make us feel close to the kids hoping that educational and rehabilitation activities can resume as soon as possible.

For parents, on the other hand, a listening desk has been activated in which it is possible to deal with specialized personnel for some small advice on how to manage those situations of greater difficulty and stress. The absence of school, remote activities and the limitation of travel especially in the long term can make days and relationships particularly tough. In these situations, a small exchange with some psychoeducational advice or some activities to offer can give a breath of relief.

Operators and administration continue to work through online platforms to rethink, study and propose new activities, new proposals for the future of tomorrow.

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We offer you a small simplified story, designed to explain the Coronavirus emergency to those who find it more difficult to understand. Words are simple and accompanied by images that support understanding and maintain attention. We explain what happens, why and what we must do, but above all we build the hope that everything will return to normal. Understanding and knowing is everyone’s right to use the right means of communication. The material was built using the software “Geco” of the Cooperative Anastasis, which we thank for the support.