Two sites are active for the individual rehabilitation of children in developmental age, one in Trieste and one in Codroipo (UD), coordinated by the scientific team.

Rehabilitation is based on the drawing up of a precise development profile in which the individual’s cognitive functionalities must be defined in a precise manner, on the basis of which to define: the objectives, the potential and the techniques to facilitate and / or enhance learning.

Early care means starting early, from the first access, with a neuropsychological rehabilitation that takes into account the best and most recent research and scientific evidence.

The small agricultural school

A project for an “active” use of the garden of Villa Tripcovich.
A laboratory for our kids to start a job.

The “Small School of Agriculture” is the tool with which children are involved in all aspects of design, cultivation and maintenance, each with its potential and capacity.

The basic idea is to overcome the concept of designing “for” while instead designing “with” the users, making them become protagonists and autonomous over time in the management of ordinary garden maintenance and flowerbeds dedicated to the cultivation of aromatics.

The project therefore becomes a therapeutic “Small School of Agriculture”.

Home Laboratory

A home available for children to learn how to manage small and large daily tasks to reach a life as autonomous as possible.

A protected space in which to learn and experiment in safety, reducing the failures that can hinder learning and development.