The role of presymbolic arithmetic abilities in predicting symbolic mathematical capacity

Il ruolo predittivo delle abilità matematiche presimboliche

Authors: Guaran F., Simoni E.


Numerous evidences show that infants and different animal species in the absence of language, have a cognitive processing nucleus specifically dedicated to the numerical field also including the ability to perform simple arithmetic operations (additions and subtractions with few elements). Furthermore, non-symbolic skills of comparison of numerosity in preschool age correlate with the subsequent acquisition of symbolic mathematical skills.

The aim of this study is to verify how presymbolic arithmetic skills develop and what their role may be in the acquisition of symbolic mathematical skills. Therefore tests of implicit arithmetic have been proposed to children of 4-6 years attending different kindergartens and not yet subjected to explicit learning processes of mathematical skills.


Presentation of the work Congress Airipa 2019

Ferrara 27-28 September 2019