Our team of professionals was formed by consulting with the scientific direction of the “Più di un sogno” Foundation which, in order to guarantee planning, indicated:


Dr. Francesca Guaran as head of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a neuropsychologist specializing in “developmental neuropsychology” at ANSVI of Parma, researcher, with many years of training and experience in the Foundation in close collaboration with Dr. Silvia Moniga.


Stefano Bartoli training psychologist with the role of educator, also trained by the Foundation’s team of educators.

Stefania Stel, educatore professionale, counselor socio educativo, dall’equipe di educatori della Fondazione.


Precisely to guarantee the scientific planning, the methodological approach and the results, supervisions by Dr. Moniga are carried out twice a year (at the beginning and at the end of the year).


Psychologist-Psychotherapist Specialized in Developmental Neuropsychology and drafting of rehabilitation plans at the Academy of Developmental Neuropsychology (AnSvi of Parma)


graduated from the University of Padua with a thesis on learning geometry and the development of visual-spatial skills (supervisor Prof. Cesare Cornoldi) and subsequently I attended the Second Level Master in Learning Psychopathology with a thesis on neuropsychological evaluation of children with ADHD (Supervisor Dr. Claudio Vio).

The main clinical practice activity took place at ULSS 10 in San Donà di Piave, a path that over time has allowed me to experiment and refine the experience of clinical evaluation for diagnostic purposes with respect to various developmental disorders, in particular disorders of the autistic spectrum, language disorders, intellectual disabilities, attention disorders and learning disorders.

It was also possible to perfect the rehabilitation aspect in particular of learning disorders, attention disorders and of the autism spectrum.

From 2014 to 2016 the internship experience was enriched at the “Più di un sogno” foundation at the rehabilitation hospital of Zevio (VR) which deals with Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability with the supervision of Dr. Silvia Moniga , where I was able to observe the planning and conduct of neuropsychological rehabilitation treatments according to precise scientific indications and updated to the most modern literature. A method of approach to neuropsychological rehabilitation without forgetting the emotional and relational development during the life span.

From 2018 I continue my training with the clinical supervision course at the “Evolvendo” Center in Mantua coordinated by Dr. Beatrice Bertelli.

I have been collaborating since 2013 with ULSS 4 in San Donà di Piave where I have been involved in research and coordination of the early rehabilitation project for children of the autistic spectrum. Since 2016, I have been dealing with clinical activity at the Portogruaro office more continuously, in particular in the neuropsychological assessment of preschool children and in the rehabilitation of attention and behavioral disorders.

I carry out freelance work at the “LA BUSSOLA” association in San Donà di Piave and at Friulmedica di Codroipo where I deal with neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation of neurodevelopment disorders, in particular intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders and disorders of the ‘learning.

From the end of 2017, with the support of the “Più di un sogno” foundation, the collaboration began with the association “un sogno per la vita”. A project, a challenge, to be built step by step following scientific lines to accommodate the needs of those who struggle the most and offer a path of growth, rehabilitation and self-determination throughout life.

Daily clinical activity is supported by Research Activities, in this area, there have been several participations in Conferences with presentations and posters, publications in scientific journals and collaborations with some publishing houses.


Mi sono laureata in Tecnica della Riabilitazione Psichiatrica all’Università di Ferrara con una tesi sperimentale sull’utilizzo dei libri in CAA come facilitatore dell’interazione sociale in contesti multilinguistici e multiculturali.  Sono iscritta all’albo delle Professioni Sanitarie della Riabilitazione del FVG.

Durante il mio percorso formativo ho avuto occasione di sperimentare la pratica riabilitativa sia in ambito della salute mentale adulti e adolescenti, sia all’interno della neuropsichiatria infantile lavorando principalmente con bambini con autismo.

Ho lavorato un anno in Inghilterra in un asilo nido e “pre-school” durante il quale ho collaborato ai progetti di educazione e riabilitazione dei bambini con autismo.

Sono attualmente iscritta al Corso di Laurea Magistrale di Scienze Cognitive e Processi Decisionali all’Università di Milano.

Continuo a seguire un percorso di formazione continua, in particolare seguendo corsi di approfondimento sulla disabilità intellettiva (Prof. Vianello – Giunti Psychometrics).

Sono anche educatrice scout formata, responsabile da tre anni di gruppo di ragazzi tra gli 11 e i 16 anni.

Per formazione professionale ma soprattutto umana, credo nel diritto di ognuno di raggiungere il massimo livello di autonomia di vita possibile, attraverso progetti individuali e personalizzati.

Ho conosciuto l’Associazione “Un Sogno per la Vita” nel corso di quest’anno, e sono contenta di poter lavorare all’interno di un contesto che crede nella possibilità di raggiungimento dell’autonomia sociale, personale e lavorativa dei ragazzi con disabilità intellettiva.


I got my degree in Social Sciences at the University of Trieste and then I got a Post Degree Qualification as Educational Counsellor at SISF-ISRE, University of Rome.

In my professional life I worked in different environments, mainly with young adults and teenagers. I worked on projects focused on the promotion of wellbeing through experiences of active participation as well as on projects dedicated to risk-prevention, both in school and extra school activities. In cooperation with some secondary schools in Udine, I managed peer education and law-abiding and awareness projects. From its foundation to date I have been part of L’Orto delle Api Societa’ Agricola and since 2019 I full time manage its didactic and social activities.

In all different settings, one of the main cornerstones has been to include, value and enhance all participants’ know how and skills. I believe that, both in activities dedicated to disabled people and not, building projects based on “what’s there instead of what’s missing” is a primary step in order to rethink education and the process of learning skills and independence in a positive and proactive perspective.