The non-profit organization “Un sogno per la vita” was born in Trieste in 2017 with the aim of giving a LIFE PROJECT to people with intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome or other less-known intellectual disabilities with genetic etiology.

A life project that focuses on the person with a disability and his family, to improve their quality of living through a subsidiary and relationship-based approach.

A dream to implement a cultural change in the approach to disability, favoring the development of environments more suitable for a rich and fulfilling life for the most fragile people.


Our mission is to prepare kids to face everyday life.
We support their talents and help them develop skills according to the times and methods suitable for everyone.

Inspiring principles

all our activities are supported for 33 percent by private funds 33 from state contributions 33 from family contribution


our mission is to improve the quality of living of children “during us” and “after us”


three levels of rehabilitation conceived in a “continuum of naturalness” centered on lifestyle, stimulating a deeper level of knowledge and in an health-care context

we act in daily life so that the children learn simple actions (such as taking the bus or shopping) accompanying them in the training courses for starting work and life


our team is always engaged in research activities to push the boundaries of learning a little further in order to obtain specific skills.